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Bidonmytrade.com revolutionizes the automotive industry with its cutting-edge approach to lead generation and unparalleled solution for acquiring third-party inventory. At the heart of our mission is a relentless commitment to consumer satisfaction, driving a transformative car appraisal experience. Say goodbye to the frustrating days of tirelessly driving from one dealership to another just to get your car appraised. With Bidonmytrade.com, we empower consumers with a seamless and effortless process, allowing them to obtain online appraisals from local dealers right at their fingertips.

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The Inspiration

When it comes to new car shopping, many people have already done their research and know exactly which vehicle they want, as well as the best price for it. At this point, the deciding factor often comes down to which dealership will offer the highest trade-in value for their current car. While some dealers may offer more money than others, the reasons for this can vary greatly, from having excess inventory to simply being more willing to negotiate.

To help simplify this process, Bidonmytrade.com was created in 2007 to provide a free car valuation service for busy shoppers. The site allows users to easily submit online trade-in requests to local dealerships, without any obligation. This way, shoppers can avoid the time-consuming and frustrating process of visiting multiple dealerships to find the best trade-in value.

Owned and operated by Geoblitz Marketing, a Florida company dedicated to making the car-buying experience as easy as possible, Bidonmytrade.com is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any questions or comments, the site can be reached via email and typically responds within 24 hours.

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