GeoFence Blitz

Track Your Competitor’s Customers With GeoBlitz’ GeoFence Blitz!

GeoFence Blitz proprietary software allows GeoBlitz’ clients the ultimate technology in conquest lead generation. Imagine having the ability to display your message to any shoppers device right on the competitors showroom floor, in their home or at an event!

Measure Online to Offline Conversions with Conversions Zones.

GeoBlitz Marketing can successfully track the number of people that went to your competitor’s location and then came to your location.

What are typical GeoFence Blitz results?

Results can vary, but Friendly KIA’s GeoFence Blitz generated over 38,000 Impressions, 81 in store walk ins, and 10 additional units sold in 2 weeks! The possibilities are endless with our GeoFence Blitz technology to capture the business you’re missing! Call us today to set up your GeoFence Blitz before your competition does!

GeoFence Blitz Campaign Summary and Performance Reporting

GeoFence Blitz Campaign Summary and Performance Follow Up Campaigns

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