Sales Events

Top Gun Marketing is proud to offer an affordable, full-service option for your next promotional event. Discover why we work with some of the most successful dealers in the nation.

Our team will help to obtain permits, reserve equipment, order supplies and decorations, and provide supporting materials to help your sales staff achieve goals and sales quotas. Our unique marketing campaigns drive traffic to your event. Our goal is to gain new customers, increase your business’s owner base, and add profit to your bottom line.

What Our Team Has to Offer:

  • Sale Support Materials

  • Site Decorations

  • Prize Insurance

  • Mail

  • Inserts

  • Email

  • Web Banners

  • Much More!

Unlike some staffed event companies, we give you your choice of a staffed event or a hosted event. Both include all of the features listed above but here are the differences:

In a staffed event, we send in one of our professional teams of experienced salespeople, desk managers, F&I managers and closers to conduct the sale. We help you handle the increase of traffic generated by the sale campaign so your staff doesn’t become overwhelmed.

Staffed events are usually priced at a percentage of the total gross profit generated from the sales during the sale period.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard horror stories about some staffed event companies – about how poorly they treated your customers, power booking, unreasonable or even impossible promises made and more. You won’t find any of those potholes with Top Gun. We treat your customers with the utmost respect and our deals are clean and above reproach.

Hosted events are the opposite of staffed events, There is no “team” of outside people and the dealership isn’t paying a percentage of the gross profit. The dealership keeps 100% of all gross and just pays a per piece charge based on the number of mail pieces sent.

A hosted event is designed to drive heavy foot traffic from a well designed and executed mail campaign. The event has one person from our company, the host, who will register and qualify the people who come to the dealership from this campaign. This host is trained and highly skilled on how to deal with visitors who are not in the market to purchase a vehicle. Once they move the visitor from “I’m just here to get my gift” to being open to looking at what the dealership may be able to do for them, then that prospect is handed over to the dealership’s staff to handle from that point forward.

A hosted event is a better option for a dealership that needs traffic and qualified buyers. Dealership employees tend not to be very skilled at handling those visitors who say they are just there for the free gift and haven’t been trained on asking the right questions. Most of the time, dealerships don’t even register these visitors. We take our time with each visitor and collect all their information as well as converting many of these “gift getters” into potential buyers. We know what to ask and how to ask it.